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Don't be fooled by false advertising from
other similar machines.
Hot Heels has the only patented ground driven
stride that is most like a real steer.
That realistic stride is important to your horse
and to your swing speed.
Watching successful runs on video in slow motion,
you will find more often than not, the swing speed,
the horse and the steer's stride will all be in rhythm.

Specialty Roping and Ranch Equipment - designed specifically with the roper in mind. Use what the Pros use!

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The vision of brothers, Kevin and Richie Pate, Lone Star Ropes began with the simple idea of creating the perfect feeling rope. To help accomplish that vision, they partnered up with long-time friend and veteran rope maker, Guy Alford. Working nights to turn ropes in the old barn, there were certainly no aspirations of being the biggest or most successful company, just to make the best rope possible. While our quality-over-quantity philosophy is still embodied in every rope we turn, the success has certainly exceeded our expectations. Our fans have helped make us who we are, and their excitement about our products drive us forward. Swing one and you'll see why we say: we are a different kind of rope, from a different kind of company.

CSI saddle pads

Isn't it time you own the technologically advanced saddle pad that your friends, horsemanship leaders and top rodeo athletes are using? Sure it is!